The CleanyTeeth for dogs toothbrush:
• cleans the teeth and removes tartar
• prevents the generation of plaque and tartar
• cleans even where bristles DO NOT reach (e.g. gum pockets, interdental spaces, in fissures)
• kills pathogenic bacteria on the teeth, gums and especially in gum pockets
• promotes wound healing and regeneration
• offers real prophylaxis, no long intervals compared to visiting the vet once a year

Cleany Teeth

Just a quick demonstration to show that teeth cleaning can be a positive experience for your dog.

The Cleany Teeth treatment is:

🐾 Easy

🐾 Fast and highly effective

🐾 Painless

🐾 Antibacterial deep clean

🐾 Stress-free

🐾 Removes tartar and plaque

🐾 Reduces unpleasant mouth odour

🐾 No anaesthetic, completely pain free

🐾 Avoids high vets bills

🐾 No vibration or noise

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Teeth Cleaning Gallary

Initial appointment 30 minutes £50
Follow up appointment 20 minutes £25
Maintenance add on service to a groom £20
Bulk booking offers
🌟 Five maintenance sessions £90 (£10 saving) 🌟
Please message us for more information!!!