Dog Groomers in Southampton


At Bark ‘n Bubbles, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality grooming service in Sholing, Southampton, Hampshire, close to the areas of Bursledon, Woolston, Netley, Hedge End, West End and Hamble

Our groomers are City and Guilds Level 2 and 3 qualified, so we will ensure that your dog is safe, well looked after and treated with the kindness and love that they deserve in a dog friendly space in a cage free environment.

At Barks ‘n Bubbles ‘n Bubbles your dog’s well-being is our number one priority, regardless of the breed, mannerisms, or the age. It is extremely important to us that your dog feels safe, happy, and relaxed in the grooming environment. We are constantly on the look out for fleas, mites, ticks, and skin problems, lumps, bumps, teeth, and ear infections and many more.

At Barks ‘n Bubbles we are happy to advise on dog styles and hair length for different types of breeds.

We offer 4 types of dog grooming services
at Barks ‘n Bubbles

We bath dog grooming

We Bathe is designed for a bath, and blow dry only. This is not suitable for curly haired breeds.

Your Bath dog grooming

You bathe is designed for you washing your pooch, using Barks ‘n Bubbles products.

*Please note we are unable to offer this serve currently due to COVID-19 restriction’s.

Dog grooming

Our Grooming services include: Full Grooming, Mini Makeover’s, Handstripping, Puppy Introductions & Cat Grooming.


Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning cleans the teeth and removes tartar. It prevents the generation of plaque and tartar and cleans even where bristles DO NOT reach
(e.g. gum pockets, interdental spaces, in fissures)

A regular groomed pet is a happier and healthier pet!

Here are five reasons why regular dog grooming is important



Grooming maintains a healthy coat and skin by brushing out the dead and excess coating. Also, your pet will look and smell great which will also improve your dog’s confidence.

Nails Trims Grooming


Regular nail trims not only help keep the nails short but helps reinforce healthy foot structure and posture, and reduces the risk of infection.

Teeth Cleaning Dog Grooming


Regular teeth cleaning can reduce tar build up and prevent periodontist disease.

Dog Grooming in Southampton


Regular visits may result in the early detection of issues with ears, skin, teeth and more.

Shiny & Healthy Dog Grooming


Shiny, healthy and properly brushed coats will shed less.

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