By booking an appointment with Barks ‘n Bubbles I agree to the terms and conditions.

Offer Terms and Conditions

These standard terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. For NHS/Enthuse Staff Valid ID must be shown to validate your discount.
  2. Discount is only valid for grooming services only. TEETH CLEANING is not included
  3. Please note that a maximum of one discount can only be applied. A voucher cannot be combined with other offers, except as permitted by the business.
  4. A photocopy or other type of copy of staff ID will not be accepted.
  5. The vouchers have no monetary value.


Health and Welfare

Your dog’s health and welfare are paramount to us at Barks ‘n Bubbles. Should your dog show sign of fear or stress at any time, we may have to adopt alternative strategies to alleviate this, which may require extra time and incur extra cost.

Barks ‘n Bubbles will not force any procedure on your dog, therefore if your dog objects to any part of the groom, that part will not be performed. Barks ‘n Bubbles will offer help/advice to overcome your dog’s fear to work towards a full groom.

Price reductions will not be offered for incomplete grooms due to the dog’s behaviour.

Please keep us informed of any changes to your dog’s health prior to the groom. Please do NOT bring dogs for grooming who are exhibiting signs of ill health, have been recently neutered, or bitches that are in season.

The grooming of elderly dogs is undertaken entirely at the owners’ risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that Barks ‘n Bubbles cannot be held liable for.
In the extremely rare event that an accident may occur, or a medical condition arises, you authorise us to seek emergency veterinary treatment.

Barks ‘n Bubbles will charge £20 an hour extra, broken down into £5 for every 15 minutes to allow for any extra time taken to complete the groom.



We must be informed prior to your appointment of any previous history of biting or aggression. Muzzles will be used as a last resort but will be used if necessary.

We reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog if we believe it may cause injury to itself or ourselves. If a dog exhibits aggression or behaviour that we have not been informed of prior to the groom, the session will be stopped immediately, and the full fee incurred.


Cancellation policy

While we understand that sometimes appointments have to be cancelled in an emergency, as a small business we do ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice where possible, prior to your appointment as this will enable us to offer your space to another customer on our waiting list.

We reserve the right to charge the full price of the groom for appointments missed or no attendance, and 50% of the groom if less than 48 hours’ notice is given, this will be payable prior to any future appointments being made.

Arriving 10 minutes (or more) late for appointments will in most cases require re-scheduling and a missed appointment fee of £25 will apply.



All appointments need to have a £25 non-refundable deposit paid per dog. No booking will be confirmed until this is paid. Appointments will be given to those who have paid the deposit first.

The deposit will be reduced from the total amount due on collection. Another deposit will then be required for a future booking.

Deposits will be non-refundable if a no show occurs or if the appointment is changed within 48 hours.


Payment and Pricing

All quoted prices are subject to:

The dog’s coat is well maintained and free from matts. The dog is well behaved, shows no aggression and groomed at our recommended periods. The dog is not overweight or oversized for the breed. Any issues outside of this, will incur an extra charge of £5 for every £15 minutes.

Whilst we are happy to work with nervous/ timid dogs, these may also incur extra charges due to the extra time and handling skills required.


Time keeping/Late Pick Up

Our appointment slots are timed to each individual dog, with a period of time to try and prevent any overlap. This ensures we are not rushing to complete your dog.

Arriving 10 minutes (or more) late for appointments will in most cases require re-scheduling and a missed appointment fee of £25 will apply.

Barks ‘n Bubbles are not boarding kennels and do not have a licence.


Knots/Matts Neglected Coats

I understand that if my pet’s coat is heavily matted or has too many knots, the dog will be shaved short as de-matting is a very painful process (imagine combing out a knot in your own hair but having that all over your body).

This is not something Barks ‘n Bubbles is prepared to do (as we are all animal lovers), and it is also against the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Barks ‘n Bubbles are not here to judge and understand that sometimes this happens. Barks ‘n Bubbles will request your permission before and this may incur an extra charge.

Barks ‘n Bubbles will not be responsible for any vets’ bills in the event of hematomas, clipper rash or grazes to the skin causing irritation and my pet to need veterinary attention.


Bitches in season/Pregnant Pets

I will notify Barks ‘n Bubbles if I notice or suspect my bitch is in season, within 24 hours of the appointment time. Barks ‘n Bubbles reserves the right to rearrange an appointment if it will interfere with the working day (such as having an entire male in next).

I understand that if I know or suspect my pet is pregnant, I will cancel within 24 hours of the appointment. Barks ‘n Bubbles does not groom pregnant pets and reserves the right to refuse a groom and implement the cancellation policy.


I understand that if my pet is found to have fleas there will be an extra charge on top of the groom, to cover the cost of flea shampoo and cleaning of the salon.

Please note that dogs with flea’s cannot be accepted. If your dog has fleas, please treat them prior to visiting the Cabin. Should your dog be brought to us with infestation which is discovered after the groom has started a flea surcharge of £25 will apply.

The last thing we want is for you pet to come to us and go home with fleas!!


I am happy for Barks ‘n Bubbles to take “before” and “after” photos of every pet. I understand that if any are to be used on social media I will be informed and given the opportunity to refuse.